Auto Lubrication

The Auto Lubrication Challenge

Proper lubrication has been a challenge since there were metal on metal parts that needed to be lubed. Equipment is built to operate longer and in harsher environments than ever. Stopping production to properly lube each point at the manufacturer’s recommended time interval is not always whats best for business “today”. The damage it cost later is not always considered.

The Auto Lubrication Solution

Lubricate while you make your production goals. In our industry, products have to hold up to the tough environment we live in. We service other brands but Graco is who we stand with. Made and engineered in America by folks that understand that you are going to run your equipment until the job gets done. Long down times are not an option.

Its a safety issue, not a maintenance issue

Operators are good at what they do. Let us do the lubricating and let them work on the bottom line. We can get into and stay in those hard to reach places with reinforced lines. Your operator doesn’t have to stop, check and contort his body to reach the sometimes unreachable points to lube. Contact ASFE for your Auto Lubrication solutions.

We have a knowledgeable staff to walk you through the process and a service crew we can dispatch to take the care of the problem. Give us a call anytime at 1-844-455-5777.